Pre Leased Properties In Gurgaon

Price $5,700.00
Published 26-06-15

Anil Verma

Location: Gurgaon
house no. 676


we are having some lucrative options in pre rented properties in gurgaon and delhi.These properties are leased out to banks MNC'S and INC'S.these pre rented options are at very good locations.
ROI on these Pre rented properties varies between 5%-9%.
usually banks are considered the best and safest options of investment because of long lease up to 15 yrs.but the ROI usually is low ie..between 4 to 5%.

On the other hand pre rented properties with MNC is also very good option of investment and generate HIGH ROI between 6-9%.
we do have lots of options of banks rented out to govt and private entities in Gurgaon Delhi and Noida as well. If you want to invest in pre rented property or want to sell out your pre rented property you can contact me any time.


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