php software product, php script for job site portal jobs board

 	php software product, php script for job site portal jobs board
Published 26-11-12


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<p><font face="arial" size="3">Jobs Portal is a php software product for
running powerful, customized and targeted job portals which are
guaranteed to stand out from the competition.</font></p><p><font face="arial" size="3"><br></font></p><p><font face="arial" size="3"><b>What is Jobs Portal?</b></font></p><p><font face="arial" size="3">Jobs
Portal is a web product for running powerful and customized job
portals. The product may be used also to empower existing websites with
jobs portal functionality. </font></p><p><font face="arial" size="3"><br></font></p><p><font face="arial" size="3">Jobs
Portal comes with a front site (fully customizable and template based),
jobseekers administration space (with functionality for the users to
edit their profile, consult the job offers, manage their resume etc.),
employers administration space (allowing the employers to post job ads,
manage their company profile, search the database with the jobseekers
resumes and many others) and powerful back office for the administrators
(providing full control over the website, structure and content
management, detailed user management, search engines reports, statistics
and many others). </font></p><br>
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