Alluvial Gold Dust and Dore Bars available check with us genuine sellers at Cameroon for XAF22000.000

Published 04-06-13


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We wish to introduce the FETA Group of local miners Industry, a gold mining entity basedin Bertoua,Cameroon West Africa. Our primary operation involves the mining and export of Gold Dust (AU metal) (@ 99.92% purity and 22 carat) out of the mineral-rich Mano River based in Wouri. We have recently acquired additional sites containing rich veins of the mineral (AU metal), and samples extracted have consistently yielded a high quality of Gold Dust. We are currently employing manual excavation methods, due to lack of adequate capital at the moment, but with the use of modern earth-moving equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, as well as water pumps,we are confident of the potential for these mining sites. Hence the main reason for this communication. Our aim is to locate overseas- based Traders/Investors in AU Metal (Gold Dust) with whom we can form a Joint Venture with the objective of profitably operating the mines to their fullestcapacity. In case you are genuinely inter


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