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Published 04-06-10


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California City, California, USA


If you are in the market for a new home please check out services. We are known to be a professionally managed organization with a stable and confident business model. We have shown an impressive compounded annual growth rate—even during difficult market and business cycles. And in the process of successfully negotiating changing conditions newhomescali created a brand name that stands for trust, reliability and innovation, across all Southern California. When you are ready to buy a new home, we would love to help you make the right decisions. Contact us for a free consultation today.<BR><BR>For details information...<BR><BR>Visit: <BR>Send and application to<BR>Office Address: <BR>16217 Kittridge St.Van Nuys<BR>California <BR>Zip: 91407<BR>Phone No: 917-607-2163<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Taxes/ Fees - <BR>Financing/Payment Options -<BR><BR><BR>Location California City, California, USA <BR>   <BR>Category Residential &gt;&gt; Other<BR><BR>


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