Nandilath Complaints

Published 27-08-11


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Nandilath Complaints- If there is any complaint on your
electronics product which is purchased from Nandilath G Mart, first you
contact with the concerned person of Nandilath. They will give you the
best solution.
Our Customercare No. is +91-487 2429798.

Electronics products may get damaged because they are very sensitive and
need more care while using...
Thats why the company provides the warranty period. It will be even
replaced with a new one if your complaint is genuine. So first you have
to do is contact with our customer care number. You can visit our

Nandilath sales and administration staffs are very good in behavior and
If you are getting a bad experience from them you can report to the
management or the sales head. You will be satisfied from them. Its
guaranteed because without the customer support we could not be the No.1
Home Appliances company in Kerala. You can mail us on,
Our website


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