12 VOLT SCISSOR JACK/never used

12 VOLT SCISSOR JACK/never used
Published 06-09-12


Location: Home Location
Reno/Sparks, Nevada


This will be perfect for you if you are driving a smaller fuel efficient car.<div>Plug it in to your power port, and lift the car for repair, or a flat tire.</div><div>Much easier, and faster than the silly screw jack your car manufacturer</div><div>gave you. Lifts 2000 lbs. This is one I received as a replacement for one </div><div>I broke. I never used the new one, my stuff is to heavy, and I'd break it.</div><div>The packaging maybe splattered from riding on my bathroom floor, but I </div><div>have never opened it. $60.00 firm Contact me by e-mail first. Id prefer to sell</div><div>here in the Reno/Sparks area, to avoid the hassle of shipping it.</div>


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