1997 White Jeep wrangler Sahara

Published 03-07-11


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<div>This 1997 White Jeep wrangler Sahara is in beautiful condition and comes with Automatic Transmission, <br></div><div>Ice Cold Air Conditioning, Professionally Installed Four inch Lift kit, 6 cylinder engine, hard top, </div><div>hard doors, Four Goodyear Wrangler 31 x 10.50 x 10.50 R15 LT inch tires, 5 alloys, Heavy Duty front </div><div>and rear bumpers, 5000 lb trailer hitch, factory sound bar, fog lights, Rear Tail Light Brush Guards,</div><div> Factory AM/FM C/D Player with sound bar and Factory Sahara package! This Wrangler has no body panel </div><div>rust. Floor pans are solid and original with no rust. The paint is near mint condition with very few </div><div>blemishes and the paint is original. There is one small indentation on the front lip of the passenger</div><div>fender near the fog light and one small indentation on the passenger front wheel fleer, but there are </div><div>no major scratches, dents or dings! Mechanically this Jeep is fantastic. Maintained by the owner of </div><div>a tiree center for his daughter. The drive is flawless. The engine and transmission shift smooth and </div><div>quietly. There are no oil leaks anywhere. The brakes are so sensitive they are the best brakes On a </div><div>Jeep Wrangler I have ever used. The steering and suspension are tight and firm. The entire body is </div><div>solid and the interior is nice but there is no carpet. The seats and the rest of the interior is the </div><div>cleanest I have ever seen on a Sahara for a 1997. In fact the body is also so beautiful I don’t think </div><div>you could find such a Jeep in better condition for the money. Plus the tires, lift kit, automatic </div><div>transmission, factory C/D player, Sound Bar, fog lights, Hard top, Hard Doors, Alloys, Almost brand </div><div>new 31 x 10.5 inch tires, heavy duty front and rear bumpers and Tail Light Brush Guards all add to </div><div>the value of this Jeep since they are all optional. This Jeep drives excellent and the engine is </div><div>very quick and responsive. The steering, brakes, suspension, electrical and engine and trans all are </div><div>excellent. The tires are 95 percent with five nice aluminum rims! Again the Paint is in great overall </div><div>condition but please be realistic this is not a brand new Jeep, there are blemishes but over all the </div><div>body is nice. The Goodyear Wrangler 31.50 inch tires are nice looking with the aluminum rims!! There </div><div>is a great am/fm factory C/D player with four speakers (sound bar). The Tires, radiator, muffler, </div><div>and catalytic converter are brand new. </div><div><br></div><div>FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT ME AT johnc.walton@yahoo.com</div><div><br></div><div>FOR MORE PHOTOS SEE HERE http://img641.imageshack.us/g/17080803.jpg/</div>


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