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This has just been a great car. It is in as close to excellent condition as you can get. This is a 2003 Honda Accord V6 fully loaded w. Navigation.<br><br>We've done all basic maintenance.Fresh oil change, two new front tires, fluids filled. The two back tires will probably need to be changed soon if you live in a wet/ snowy area.<br><br>It's fully loaded, black and tan, great condiction, 2003 looks better than previous and later models, well thought out car, touch screen controls (AC) (CD) (Nav), 6 disc in car changer, and again it's super claen. (No crumbs in between seats, dust on dash board, spotless trunk, spotless glass, condictioned leather (all of it). So great thing is your not getting in to someone elses filth.<br><br>you can email with any questions at:robertweinstock@yahoo.com<br><br>Thank You! <br><br><br>


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