280L Refrigerator

Published 25-05-10


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5 Star Rating <BR>New Frrrunch Box<BR>Fresh Veggie Zone<BR>Stabilizer Free Operation<BR><P><BR></P><P>Samsung presents its new range of Frrrunch Refrigerators with futuristic Technology and innovations. The new range will lead you experience freshness with every healthy bite of natural fresh fruits and vegetables.<BR>Colour Available - Ultra Inox, Lily Black.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P>5 Star Rating <BR><BR>Samsung Frost Free refrigerators have been awarded a BEE 5 star rating, which makes them one of the most energy efficient refrigerator range &amp; saves electricity and running cost.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P>New Frrrunch Box<BR><BR>The New Frrrunch Box is a breakthrough innovation that combines advanced Moisture Control Technology with innovative design to ensure freshness in vegetables. With optimal moisture maintained inside the Frrrunch Box, Vegetables remain naturally fresh and delightful crunchy.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P>Fresh Veggie Zone<BR><BR>Samsung Frrrunch Series also offers a special zone to store fruits - The Fresh Veggie Zone. Located just above the Frrrunch box, the fresh veggie zone is an exclusive area created to keep fruits in one easily accessible place. What's morer, the Fresh Veggie Zone ensures that fruits stay naturally fresh and tasty.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P>Stabilizer Free Operation <BR><BR>The Compressor has:<BR>• Better Energy Efficiency Ratio.<BR>• Consumes less power.<BR>• Can operate at voltages as low as 135V and as high as 290V and eliminates the need of a stabiliser.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P>Fire retardant wires<BR><BR>Keeping Frequent Power fluctuations in India and Consumer's safety in mind all Electric parts and wires in Samsung Refrigerator are fire retardant and this has been certified by UL International. The Advantage of these wires are: <BR>1) These FR wires are safe to use since they are Fire Resistance.<BR>2) These wires are durable.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P>Bottle Stopper<BR><BR>To stop bottle from dropping down while opening the refrigerator door, Samsung Frrrunch Refrigerator provides Bottle Stopper.<BR>Cool Kidz Ice Tray<BR><BR>An Ice Tray especially designed for Kidz to make Ice in different shapes and sizes.<BR>Divider Box<BR><BR>A box which allows you to store all frequently used items likes chilly, ginger Etc. <BR>LED Light <BR><BR>Samsung Frrrunch Refrigerators come fitted with the innovative LED Light System. This futuristic technology ensures that the entire refrigerator is well lit up so that you can see and access food items easily. This unique light in energy efficient and saves power too.<BR><BR></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P>Cool Pack<BR><BR>Samsung Frrrunch series have an innovative Cool Pack in the freezer section. Created with a special material known as PCM, the cool pack maintains a low temperature in the freezer section. Cool Pack keeps the air cool to prevent foods from melting or getting spoiled during a power cut - that too for upto 60 minutes.<BR>I Spin Cool <BR><BR>Upgraded i-cool for even &amp; fast cooling.<BR>• This feature allows the users to manipulate the direction of the vent as per their needs, ensuring faster cooling inside the refrigerator.<BR>• I-spin cool vent can not only be rotated at 360 degrees but can also be turned up, down, right and left.<BR>Accessory Bo<BR></P>


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