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3G ROUTER - India’s 1st 3G Router from ISO certified Indian company , completely designed &amp; developed in India<BR><BR>WIFI- ROUTER FOR TATA PHOTON /BSNL EVDO/RELIANCE NET CONNECT BROADBAND &amp; MTNL/MTS/VIRGIN 3G modem.<BR><BR>Convert your USB modem internet card to Wi-Fi and connect iphone.! Introducing India's FIRST 3G Wifi Router with 12 months warranty and local support.<BR><BR>Now your TATA PHOTON PLUS, RELIANCE NETCONNECT BRAODBAND PLUS, BSNL EVDO, MTNL &amp; BSNL 3G,MTS &amp; VIRGIN Wireless Broadband USB Modems on multiple computers using the LEO 3G Wi-Fi Router.Also convert your USB PRINTER,USB HARDDISK into WiFi printer server,file server,FTP server and bittorrent/http/ftp download server.<BR><BR>Features<BR>Compatible with 2.4GHz IEEE802.11n Draft v2.0 and backward compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g standard.<BR>Supports NAT/NAPT IP sharing.<BR>WAN Protocols: PPPoE/Static IP/PPTP/DHCP.<BR>High speed data rate - up to 150Mbps.<BR><BR>3G USB Modem<BR><BR>USB data cards tested and supported:<BR><BR><BR>Reliance Netconnect : Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC1260, ZTE AC8710, ZTE 2726<BR><BR>Tata Photon : Huawei EC168C, HUAWEI EC121 whize, Huawei EC1260, HUAWEI EC 1261, ZTE AC 8710<BR><BR>VIRGIN: EPI VALLEY SEC-8089,SEC-8081<BR><BR><BR>BSNL EVDO: ZTE AC 8700<BR><BR>BSNL 3G: Huawei E156G, Micromax MMX300,MMX 200G<BR><BR><BR>MTNL 3G: Huawei E156G, Micromax MMX300,MMX 200G.<BR><BR>AIRTEL:Micromax MMX300,MMX 200G.<BR><BR>New USB Modems are supported through Firmware Upgrade.<BR><BR>Company Detail<BR><BR>Leoxsys Networks Pvt. Ltd.<BR>BANGALORE<BR>Website:- www.leoxsys.com<BR>Phone : 080-40903460 / mob. : 9739600431/ 9036287556<BR><BR>


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