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Published 27-05-10


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Published On: May-11-10 17:30<BR>Ad Type: I Am Offering<BR><BR><BR><BR>Last Date 30/05/2010 a A+,N+,CCNA,CCNP,CCVP,CCIE,MCSE,MCSA,MCITP,RHCE,CEH &amp; LAPTOP TRAINING DVD,Nokia Mobile training available from 199 Rs ONWARDS All Copies can be delivered to you through courier @ FREE (CHENNAI,KERALA, BANGALORE) OR VPP (MUMBAI, PUNE, HYDERABAD, DELHI, CALCUTTA &amp; ALL OTHER CITIES AND Remote Areas Also) <BR><BR>No Cheat tricks are played here. YOU DELIVER AFTER PAY OR pay We deliver the Copies. The deal is very direct. <BR><BR>View Full Software List From my website mentioned at the end of this Mail Or reply to this Mail to get the full list of softwares.<BR><BR>Visit www.nettechtutorials.ning.com<BR><BR>Mail to :nettechtutorials@in.com<BR><BR>For quicker response visit our page &amp; raise your order through "Raise Your Order" Page in our website mentioned below or mail me with requirement details and your contact number.<BR><BR>We release above 220 GB (video tutorials + study meterials Available @ Very low price)<BR><BR>(Any other which are not listed can also be arranged on request)<BR><BR><BR>NB :FREE DELIVER(VPP) <BR><BR><BR>PC HARDWARE AND NETWORKING TRAINING DVD’S <BR><BR><BR>ANY 11 PACKAGE DVD KIT NOW 1500 ONLY<BR><BR>ALL 20 KIT (RS=4600) PACKAGE ONLY 2399 (ABOVE 35 DVD=135 GB DATA)<BR><BR><BR>INCLUDE ALL DVD PACK DVD<BR><BR><BR>ü USER MENU OPTION<BR><BR>ü VIDEO CLASS<BR><BR>ü SIMULATION<BR><BR>ü EBOOK<BR><BR>ü NOTS<BR><BR>ü LATEST DUMS<BR><BR>ü PRESENTATION<BR><BR>ü INTERVIEW<BR><BR>ü ESSENCIAL SOFTWARE etc<BR><BR><BR>1: A+ &amp; N+ @ 199<BR><BR><BR>2 CCNA &amp; VOIP 199<BR><BR><BR>3 CCNA WIRELESS &amp; SECURITY@199<BR><BR><BR>4 CCNP @ 249(2DVD)<BR><BR><BR>5 CCVP @249 (2DVD)<BR><BR><BR>6 CCIE @299 (3DVD)<BR><BR>7 MCSE /MCSA@249<BR><BR>8 MCITP @299(2DVD)<BR><BR>9 RHCE (redhat free ubundu and shell etc)@199<BR><BR>10 CEH V6 @ 499(4DVD)<BR><BR>11 LAPTOPTRAINING @ 299(3DVD)<BR><BR>12 CCIP @249 (2DVD)<BR><BR>13 CCSP @249(2DVD)<BR><BR>New release<BR><BR>14CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) <BR><BR>@349(3DVD) <BR><BR>15 SCNP( Security Certified Network Professional)@199<BR><BR>16ECSA @199<BR><BR>17 Traffic Secrets 2 - Training Guide@299(2DVD)<BR><BR>18 LINUX+&amp;LINUX SECURITY@199<BR><BR>19 CISCO FIREWALL@199<BR><BR>20 Apple Mac OS X&amp;Leopard Server@199<BR><BR><BR>MOBILE DVD’S<BR><BR><BR>NOKIA REPAIRING KIT@7 DVD @999(FREE DVD’S)<BR><BR>MOBILE REPAIRING VIDEO <BR><BR>SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM<BR><BR>SERVICE MANNUALS<BR><BR>SOLUTION<BR><BR>FIRMWARE (FLASH FILE)<BR><BR>SOFTWARE<BR><BR>2 DVD = (MOBILE REPAIRING VIDEO ,SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM,SERVICE MANNUALS,SOLUTION)@599 (1DVD =299)<BR><BR>3 DVD FIRMWARE (FLASH FILE)<BR><BR>1 DVD (BOX TUTORIALS &amp; NOKIA SOFTWARE)<BR><BR>1 DVD (IPHONE COLLECTION FIRMWARE etc) FREE<BR><BR><BR><BR>Software Certification DVD’S<BR><BR><BR>Also available software certification Detail <BR><BR><BR>Below<BR><BR><BR><BR>NEW RELEASE DVD TUTORIALS VIDEO <BR><BR>1 DVD=4GB@199<BR><BR>ALL KIT ONLY 1399<BR><BR>ALL 60 KIT (RS=3000) PACKAGE ONLY 1399 (ABOVE 15 DVD=57 GB DATA)<BR><BR>Send Mail package details ORpackage NO and VPP ADDRESS TO nettechtutorials@in.com<BR><BR>1. JOOMLA(1 GB), <BR><BR>2. Xbox_360_Hacking_Guide 600MB, VTC.Microsoft.Certified.Application.Specialist.MCAS 512 MB<BR><BR>3. World Towns Transport System Maps (125 MB)(SOFTWARE GPS INDIA)<BR><BR>4. Macprovideo.Analog.Synthesis.in.a.Digital.World (2GB)<BR><BR>5. SDK IPHONE (Software development kit) (1.61GB)<BR><BR>6. SEO ( Search engine optimization ) (1.52GB)<BR><BR>7. Groovebox.Training.FL.Studio.Tips.And.Trick (700MB)<BR><BR>8. HACKING VIDEO (492 MB)<BR><BR>9. AutoCAD 2010 Video Tutorials- VTC QuickStart Autodesk AutoCAD 2010(150MB)<BR><BR>10. 3d max(637MB)<BR><BR>11.Acoounting(704MB)<BR><BR>12.Camtasia Studio 6 Videos (150MB)<BR><BR>13.CBT.NUGGETS.ZEND.PHP.5.CERTIFICATION.PACKAGE-AG1(150MB)<BR><BR>14.CBTNugtCitrixPS45(210MB)<BR><BR>15.Computer hacking and cracking eBook collections (1.83GB)<BR><BR>16.Ebay(778MB)<BR><BR>17.LC.Web(227MB)<BR><BR>18.MAYA TRAINING (1.08GB)<BR><BR>19.SQL2008 70-450 (532MB)<BR><BR>20.Total Training For Website Design - Extreme Website DVD (3.26 GB)<BR><BR>21.Total.Training.Adobe.Photoshop.CS4.Extended.Advanced.DVD-iNKiSO(1.59GB)<BR><BR>22.VTC - C Programming(206MB)<BR><BR>23.VTC - Introduction to JAVA(167 MB)<BR><BR>24.VTC.Adobe.After.Effects.CS4.DVD (732MB)<BR><BR>25.VTC.com.HTML.4.And.5.With.CSS.Tutorials.DVD(700MB)<BR><BR>26.VTC.Introduction.to.Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2008(400MB)<BR><BR>27.EXTREAM WEB DESIGN (3GB)<BR><BR>28.MICROCONTROLLER(1.5GB)<BR><BR>29.Template Monster - Flash Tutorials (1.44GB)<BR><BR>30.ITIL (180MB)<BR><BR>31.Exam-Pack 70-536 .NET 2.0 Application Development Foundation (306MB)<BR><BR>32.CBT.NUGGETS.ZEND.PHP.5.CERTIFICATION.PACKAGE-AG(167MB)<BR><BR>33.Cisco mds90001(500MB)<BR><BR>34.Digital_On_Camera_flash_Gaining_Confidence_and_Control (270MB)<BR><BR>35.CCNA - CCSP - CNAP - CCSP – Cisco (1.08 GB)<BR><BR>36.Cracking.Kit.2010-EvilZone(1.12GB)<BR><BR>37.The Ultimate Certification CBTs - Practise Exam Collection(878 MB)<BR><BR>38.CBTnuggets - On The Job Training Series - End User Security (128 MB)<BR><BR>39.VMWARE (1.34 GB)<BR><BR>40.VTC_AJAX1 (260MB)<BR><BR>41.IELTS (6GB)<BR><BR>42.CISCO_CCNA INTRACTIVE (600MB)<BR><BR>43.Portable_Resume + INTERVIEW VIDEO(150MB)<BR><BR>44.Reader Rabbit Math 6 to 9(601MB)<BR><BR>45.CBT Nuggets - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance 70-431(428 MB)<BR><BR>46.PowerShell(300MB)<BR><BR>47.VbScript(200MB)<BR><BR>48.Lynda.com.Dreamweaver.CS4.Essential.Training.DVD(1.10 GB)<BR><P><BR></P><P></P><P></P><P>contact  no</P><P></P><P></P><P>       9847939597</P>


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