99.8% Pure Pseudoephedrine & Pseudoephedrine HCL for sale

Published 02-05-12


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Our pseudoephedrine and pseudoephedrine HCL has been used successfully help alot of customers to meet their daily requirements with good possible feedbacks reports. we are one of the world top producers of highest quality, grade and excellent purity pseudoephedrine chemicals. We have unlimited stock available from 100 grams and can supply over 200 metric tons per month. Our prices are competative and affordable to a common buyer. Our minimum order quantity is 100 grams. Contact us anytime for details on how to place and confirm your order.<br><br>Min. Order Quantity: 100 Gram<br><br>Price Term: CIF<br><br>Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram<br><br>Delivery Time: 3 days courier special delivery<br><br>Packaging Details: Discreetly and vacuum sealed it a drum, silver or aluminum foil grip bags which is perfect for travel and should stay in good conditions for a long time. We also offer fast ordering and 100% secretive delivery. contact us anytime<br><br>


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