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Published 05-12-11


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San Diego, as its name implies, is all about beauty. The philosophy of the design is to achieve through genius touches of function and practically. A general look of luxury pervades around a home, but needs to be cozy enough to entertain guests or spend quite time.

The living room should be a showpiece room that highlights comfortable modern furniture softened by colorful throw pillows and rugs and organic elements. Lighting from Asian Crafts and Lights that will enhance the variable moods of the condo area, while light treatment from the draperies completes a look of sophistication, dram and modernity, Wood meanwhile exudes comfort and warmth for a look that is classic and woks together well with the rest of the materials.

The dining area further exudes the elegances the home, with a dining set hyping the Oriental and organic elements and they can complement the feel of a functional area that is also luxurious. The table setting is simple elegant enough to have that look of luxury, through flower arrangements and simple table décor.

Standard fixtures of the kitchen will impress homebuyers with a granite island counter top and with elegant cabinets complementing the overall look with a few simple additions of organic accents. The center island functions as a preparation area snack bar, giving condo owners the flexibility when entertaining guests.

The master’s bedroom is reserved for occupants with penchant for luxury, as will be seen through its furnishing accents and loads of extra space. There must be a provision for walk-in closet and bathtub, which is should be feature of a modem Asian exotic condo unit.

Leather and gold studs, luxurious fabric, artworks, accents and draperies should be added to match the look of sophistication. At the same time, the condo owners can enjoy a work area, a reading lounge, and grand balcony that overlook a charming neighborhood.

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