A groovy granolithic condo design

Published 05-12-11


Location: Home Location
San Diego


Amongst San Diego’s designers and condo builders, it is generally accepted a truism that designing a condo from scratch is much easier than working over a structure that already exists. The former offers no constraints or at least infinitely less than the latter and very few unpleasant surprises.

But the satisfaction of seeing a condo completely transformed, like a butterfly bursting out of its chrysalis is often well worth the extra effort, how creating our first renovation project, which is typically 70s condo, it should have a marble floors, bay windows, and hyper-partitioned interior space, and emerged an unapologetically modern condo dripping with personality.

The condo should be attention-grabbing with its severe, spare exterior, we can go by vintage light fixtures that gives nod to the past amidst the contemporary surroundings and wrapping around the building exterior, the black fiber cement panels are a strong backdrop to a large simple canvas and curtained sliding doors and a clean lengthwise panel replace the fussy bay windows as the openings the outside world.

Matching sculptural chairs stand as sentinels flanking a painting. The clean, efficient lines of the kitchen hide a vast array of storage space. The island counter is an indeed a favorite place to congregate. Light spills in from the potholes on the service doors. Throughout the house round accents serve as a refreshing counterpoint to the straight lines of the design.

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