AC Adapters for IBM, DELL & APPLE notebooks/laptops (#140) $15

Published 15-02-12


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AC Adapters for IBM, DELL & APPLE notebooks/laptops (#140) $15 - - - - -

You are looking at AC adapters for IBM, DELL and Apple laptops or notebooks. These are considered used, but are almost brand new. In the computer stores, they will run you from $35 to $85 dollars.
I have these left over from computers that I have owned and they are for sale for less than half the store price. - - - - -

Believe me, an extra AC Adapter comes in handy in your car, office, 2nd home, or if you’re traveling a lot so you do not have to remember to take one with you.----------------------------------------------

1.) IBM: NEW AC Adapter for IBM 02K6699 02K6746 08K8204 08K8208
16V 4.5A 72W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip)
a. Part#: 08K8208
b. INPUT: 100-240V ~1.9A, 50/60Hz
c. OUTPUT: 16V , 4.5A
d. Color :Black
e. Condition : New
f. Output Current :4.5A
g. Output Voltage :16V
h. Power :72W
i. Your Price : US$15
2.) DELL AC Adapter: 50W Dell ADP-50SB AC Adapter 19V 2.64A
a. Model: ADP-50SB
b. INOUT: 100-240 ~1.5A, 50-60Hz
c. OUTPUT: 19V, 2.64A LPS
d. Power: 50W
e. Outlet: 3-prong
f. Connecter size: Special 3 hole tip
g. Your Price: US$15
3.) DELL AC Adapter: Dell HP-OQ065B83 Power Supply Laptop Power Supply 65 Watt. Replacement laptop AC adapter is guaranteed to meet or exceed original Dell HP-OQ065B83 laptop AC adapter specifications.
a. Model: HP-OQ065B83
b. Condition: New OEM Equivalent
c. Output Voltage: 19.5V
d. Output Watts: 65W (90W also available)
e. Output Amp: 3.34A
f. Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)
g. Color: Black
h. Weight: 13.3 oz
i. Dimensions: 5.15" x 2.35 " x 1.35 "
j. Your Price: US$15
4.) Macintosh PowerBook 45W Power Adapter: Apple PB 190, 190CS, 5300, 5300C, 5300CE, 5300CS Laptop AC Adapter
a. Model: M3037
b. Apple PB 190, 190CS, 5300, 5300C, 5300CE, 5300CS Laptop AC Adapter
c. High quality AC Adapters for your M3037 AC Adapter.
d. Compatible Model Numbers M3037 & M3747.
e. High performance, lightweight replacement AC Adapter
f. Length 7 6/16" x Width 4 4/16" x Height 1 8/16"
g. Your Price: US $25
Please feel free to contact me for more information:
George - - -
480-231-1840 or


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