AMD Six-Core Opteron 2419 EE Server CPU on SALE

Published 01-05-11


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AMD Six-Core Opteron 2419 EE - OS2419NBS6DGN<br>=================================================<br>Type: CPU / Microprocessor<br>Market segment: Server<br>Family: AMD Six-Core Opteron<br>Model number: 2419 EE<br>CPU part number: OS2419NBS6DGN<br>Stepping code:ACADD CA<br>Frequency (MHz): 1800<br>Bus speed (MHz):<br> * 2000 MHz (integrated memory controller)<br> * 2400 MHz (HyperTransport links) <br>Package: 1207-land lidded LGA<br>Socket: Socket Fr6(1207)<br><br>Architecture / Microarchitecture<br>-----------------------------------<br>Processor core: Istanbul<br>Core stepping: D0<br>Manufacturing process: 0.045 micron SOI<br>Data width: 64 bit<br>Number of cores: 6<br>Floating Point Unit: Integrated<br>Level 1 cache size: 6 x 64KB 2-way associative instruction caches<br>6 x 64KB 2-way associative data caches<br>Level 2 cache size: 6 x 512KB 16-way associative caches<br>Level 3 cache size: 6 MB 48-way associative shared cache<br>Physical memory: 256 TB<br>Multiprocessing: Up to 2 processors<br><br>Features <br>--------- <br> * MMX<br> * 3DNow!<br> * SSE<br> * SSE2<br> * SSE3<br> * SSE4a<br> * Advanced Bit Manipulation<br> * AMD64 technology<br> * AMD-V (virtualization) technology<br> * Enhanced Virus Protection<br><br>Low power features<br> * PowerNow! technology<br> * CoolCore technology<br> * Dual Dynamic Power Management<br> * Power Cap technology<br> * Smart Fetch technology<br> * C0, C1, S0, S1, S3, S4, and S5 states <br><br>On-chip peripherals<br> * Integrated dual-channel 144-bit DDR2 SDRAM Memory controller<br> * HyperTransport 3.0 technology with HT Assist and three 16-bit links <br><br>Electrical/Thermal parameters<br>-----------------------------<br>V core (V):1.125<br>Minimum/Maximum operating temperature (°C): 0 - 55 - 68<br>Average CPU Power (W): 40<br>Thermal Design Power (W): 60<br><br>Available Quantity: 2 <br>Price: Call For Price<br><br>Call us on 9620324473/8792824990/9379034582<br>


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