ANTIQUE Stanley Plane (#105) $125

Published 15-02-12


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ANTIQUE Stanley Plane (#105) $125
Attention antique tool collectors. . . . . this is a must buy!!!!
This is an antique wooden plane made by the Stanley Rule & Level Co. The Stanley family had been making hardware tools in the New England area since 1831. In 1857, this company merged with Hall & Knapp as the Stanley Rule and Level Co.
The Stanley plane has a Liberty Bell on the cast iron blade adjusting mechanism which is set into a wood plane body. I believe this style was called the “transitional plane” and the model number is 129. The Liberty Bell logo has the number 76 in it, referring to our independence in 1776. I suspect the plane was manufactured around the turn of the century making this over 100 year old.
This is in nice condition with no real defects and is ready to become part of a collection.
• length: 20”
• width: 3”
• height: 1 ¾”
Plane Markings:
* On the end of the wood: Stanley Rule & Level Co.
No 129
* On the iron blade mechanism: Liberty Bell logo with # 76
This is a wonderful old Stanley # 76 bell plane ready for your collection.

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