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Published 31-05-10


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The Acme Methodology<BR><BR>Here at Acme, we follow what we’ve coined as the STRONG Policy: See-Think-Reason-Organize-Nurture-Gauge<BR><BR>• See: Client meets are held to discuss their vision and tune them with our capabilities, in a manner thus offering them the best complete package to meet their requirements in view of the current market scenario.<BR>• Think: Post client meets; we devise timelines, strategies and policies while conducting extensive market research so as to accurately fix the correct mix.<BR>• Organize: Our team here understands the importance of your time. As a result, they strive endlessly to reduce effort on the client’s part while keeping in mind their ideologies. Once the blueprints are finalized, every aspect of the matter is organized on our part to deliver a complete experience.<BR>• Nurture: This is the implementation stage. Once the resources in terms of vendors, creatives, etc. have been allocated on our part, the next stage is what we’d like to call - the nurturing phase. We call it nurturing as each individual project to us deserves undivided attention and care in it’s implementation to achieve optimum results.<BR>• Gauge: Our work doesn’t end with our involvement in carrying out our services. We continue to maintain client relations and regularly undertake customer feedbacks to gauge the success of our undertakings.<BR><BR>With an impressive clientèle, our priority is in providing value to our clients' money.We believe in tailoring your event so that it best fits you through a clear understanding of your needs.Contact us for the best experience your team/guests can have!!<BR><BR>Tell us your requirements and sit back while we make them materialize!<BR><BR>91 998 000 4606<BR>080 4110 6500<BR>080 4112 6500<BR><BR>


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