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<p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:16.0pt;font-family:&quot;Arial Black&quot;;
color:#777777">Male and Female Hyacinth Macaws, for sale at affordable price,
been raised in a home with so much love and care well-socialized and tame
birds, they are very fun loving, hand fed, blood DNA testing, has a
registered microchip implant, accurate veterinarian records, they are so
funny, likes to talks and dances. They love life. They love being outside.
Also they are very playful and have a much extended vocabulary, they says
hello, what, cracker. They are very eager to learn and play; if you are
interested contact me for more details.<o:p></o:p></span></p>
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<p class="MsoNormal"><b><span style="font-size:36.0pt;font-family:Verdana;
color:#9933FF">Phone:<span class="apple-converted-space"> </span></span></b><span class="adcontent2"><span style="font-size:36.0pt;font-family:Verdana;
color:#9933FF">555686432</span></span><b><span style="font-size:36.0pt;


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