Affordable Relationship Counseling: Marriage Need a Tuneup? Relationship On the Skids?

Published 27-06-11


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San Diego, CA


<P>Dr. Barbara Cunningham is a seasoned psychotherapist. She specializes in family systems <A class=wikilinks rel="nofollow" href="">therapy</A>. Instead of focusing on the individual who seems to have 'the problem," she looks at all problems as <SPAN class=IL_AD id=IL_AD9>rooted</SPAN> in the emotional system coursing through the family. Sometimes a symptom is carried by one person, who is holding the anxiety for the entire family. Dr. Cunningham has extensive <SPAN class=IL_AD id=IL_AD2>training</SPAN> in the fields of <SPAN class=IL_AD id=IL_AD5>couples therapy</SPAN>, addiction/alcoholism, depression, anxiety, <SPAN class=IL_AD id=IL_AD4>self esteem</SPAN> building, grief, loss, threatened loss, trauma, life transitions, and issues of aging. She uses a very direct and compassionate approach to help resolve current issues, which likely have evolved from past <A class=wikilinks rel="nofollow" href="">events</A>. She works to help you create a coherent understanding of who you are and why you create the life you have. She can help you redefine parts of your life that you so choose. <BR><BR><BR><BR>If you are ready to explore the edges of your life left hidden, the ones that seem to repeat over and over again, and want to get at the core of who you are and how you got that way, Dr. Cunningham will teach you principles that you will apply between sessions to work toward expanding your sense of self in relationship with important others. Her model of intergenerational therapy is clarifying, challenging, and a kind of intellectual pursuit that calms down your emotionality. If interested in learning more, please visit her website at <A rel="nofollow" href=""></A><BR>Make a commitment to yourself...give yourself <SPAN class=IL_AD id=IL_AD8>the gift</SPAN> of increased self-knowledge.</P>


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