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<P><BR>DUI Classes Starting at $10.00</P>
<P>Administration Intake must be paid before starting classes.</P>
<P>American Counseling Services is scheduling classes now for DUI Level I and II Education and Therapy. These Classes will be honored by the court and save you time and money!</P>
<P>We are DBH Approved</P>
<P>Other Services:</P>
<P>- Anger Management</P>
<P>- Assessment and AOD Evaluations</P>
<P>- Level I &amp; II Education and Therapy</P>
<P>- UA &amp; BA</P>
<P>Located at:</P>
<P>Denver (2 locations)</P>
<P>1301 east 58th Ave, unit f, Denver,CO. 80216●720-362-3271 </P>
<P>2323 South Troy Street E-107, Aurora, CO. 80014●720-362-3271</P>
<P>Colorado Springs</P>
<P>3604 Galley Rd. Colorado Springs, CO. 80909●719-646-2748</P>

1301 East 58th Ave, Unit F, Denver, CO. 80216

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