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Published 28-06-11


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<P>Monthly Long Term or Short Term No Security Deposits</P>
<P>$650 with Meals $550 without meals 4,000 square feet of paradise<BR> </P>
<DIV>Quito Hotel Bonanza is located in the middle of a valley in North Central Quito surrounded by mountains and in close proximity to the Pululahua volcano (dormant). We are located 5 miles from the actual middle of the world on the Equator and 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes to one of Quito’s newest shopping malls.</DIV>
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<DIV>Our sweeping hacienda porches adjoin each private room where you can sit and read a good book or enjoy a breathtaking splash of colors overlooking our botanical garden with 60 different species of hummingbirds found on the property.</DIV>
<P>Our hotel is designed to welcome tourists from all over the world. People who expect excellent guest service, comfort, tranquility and security stay at the Quito Bonanza Hotel. Our staff is friendly and can assist you with anything you need to make your stay in the Ecuadorian capital a memorable one. The Quito Bonanza Hotel offers moderate prices, comfortable accommodations and a great local and international menu. Come see us in Quito. We are close to many excellent restaurants, cultural sites and local markets. Public transportation and taxi service can be found within 25 meters of the hotel. Buses cost 25-35 cents and taxis average $2-5 depending on the distance.</P>
<P>Every room is distinguished with local mountain names and has always clean and fresh beds with orthopedic mattress, private bathroom, abundant hot water to enjoy a morning shower and a flat screen color television to catch the news. The main area of the hotel has a nice fireplace which provides a charming atmosphere for you enjoy and relax while reading your favorite book or having a good cup of coffee and talking to other guests.</P>
<P><A title= rel="nofollow" href=""><FONT color=#800080 size=5><U>WWW.QUITOHOTELBONANZA.COM</U></FONT></A><FONT size=5> </FONT></P>
<P>Our lobby-bar is open 24/7 where are guests can enjoy a Ecuadorian fresh pot of hot coffee or an assorted range of beverages. </P>
<P>Services: We have at your disposal, Internet and email services, national and international calling, fax, laundry services, free luggage storage, safety deposit boxes in our safe, and up-to-date travel information. If you need help with Spanish we can do that too.</P>
<P>Breakfast is open from 7am to 10am daily with hot or cold entrees: scrambled eggs, toast, fresh baked bread, fresh fruits and juice, coffee, tea, chocolate, hot or cold milk, cereal, butter and homemade preserves.</P>
<P>Our kitchen is open from 7a.m to 10 p.m. If you desire a midnight snack please feel free to raid the refrigerator. </P><!--//END OF THE POST--></DIV>[youtube=]


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