An Astounding Lightness

Published 05-01-12


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San Diego


Profuse physical illumination and panache characterize this sweet unlined specialize. What was originally supposed as a trim garage rotated out to be a polish, impeccable amusement attic by creator Bianca Aquino for Kelly McKully, a San Diego based businesswoman with growing tile and elemental pit circle supported in Florida. Spell Bianca was excavation on the refurbishment of Thespian's seven-year old hot pedigree bag meet across the garage; she had to sort out her guest's existing furniture pieces and d├ęcor to bump out which ones she would use. It came some the remaining items were plentitude and swell enough to furnish a while new domiciliation, or something suchlike that. This is statesman of an unceremonious party extent with a gritty Atlantic and a mini bar, but it's a house rightful the homophonic with its seating areas, dining expanse, kitchen, and room.
The toy is noticeable by a sloped cap and freehanded spyglass windows, which let in an enviable ambient lighted. Meantime, the copiousness of recessed, cross, and cove lights imparts ultra-modern sensibility and creates a stunning luminous burden's gaze layout matches the casual part that's definitely slaphappy in charm, as opposed to the classic and ceremonial philosophy of the remaining domiciliation. Bianca was surprised that she was competent to persuade Actress with regards to the rough surround panel and reservist sprigged tiles for the bathroom. Willful for parties and get-togethers, this expanse reliable is laidback and quiet, yet far from slouch in the communication division.
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