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A lifestyle that contribute to assist mother earth, but in order to truly make a difference, living it green has to be a community effort, nowadays residential communities lacks green initiatives and technology. The community should be close to commercial district. The resident should be modern convenience of urban destinations, as well as the perks of a green lifestyle amid a family and community-nurturing environment. This new lifestyle should be designed to exemplify harmonious interaction with nature.

The residential community must use energy-efficient and water conserving facilities as well as an effective waste management system, a double piping system that supplies non-potable recycled water to homes and amenities for irrigation and toilet flushing. Meanwhile the rain harvesting system uses bio-swales, a detention pond, and permeable paving to collect rainwater for restoring structures. It will also provide a residential haven that is also warm and family nurturing and designed as a walk able community, tree-lined roadside walkways as well as bike and pedestrian paths allow residents to leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and aside from this providing health exercise and relaxation to residents and also lessen gas usage and car-related pollution.

A themed park of the community will provide residents with their own special space, and stand for different elements of nature. It will also have a central park which will feature a clubhouse with an open lounge with indoor trees and skylights, which will give the same look in any winter garden found in the country. The clubhouse also should reflect pond, a children pool with an interactive play area, a basketball court, and function rooms with outdoor garden spillover area. The design and construction should involved a reduced amount of materials, energy and development space. It’s natural lighting and ventilation decreases dependency on air conditioners when summer comes and its central location makes the clubhouse an important venue for children to play, families to bond and neighbors to interact.

With its environmentally sound amenities and highly networked location in San Diego, it makes it easy for any families to embrace both sustainable and uncompromised urban living.

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