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Published 27-04-11


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Overview<br><br> * Detects cell phone radiation and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields<br> * Delivers audible and visual alerts upon detection<br> * Includes remote probe for ease of measurement<br><br>Essential Info<br><br>Recently, many studies have delivered warnings about long-term exposure to cell phone radiation and certain electromagnetic fields. But since these dangers can't be seen by the naked eye, how can you protect yourself and your family? The CellSensor EMF Detection Meter measures both of these hazards with an easy-to-read gauge that also beeps and glows when high readings are detected. The CellSensor runs on one 9-volt alkaline battery (sold separately).<br><br>What's Included<br><br> * ? CellSensor<br> * ? Remote sensor probe<br> * ? Instructions<br><br>More Info<br><br>Up to 20 percent of all homes are covered in "hot spots" of electromagnetic fields over 2 milligauss. While it is safe to be in such a hot spot for a short time, it is not advised to spend long periods in them, such as your sleeping hours. Most of these spots are small, so by locating them, you can move your furniture safely out of these zones.<br><br><br>A comprehensive guide is included to explain the source of mobile phone radiation and the extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields generated by electrical currents from power lines, home wiring or appliances. In only minutes, you'll be able to detect these dangers. Additional features include a flattened frequency response curve in ELF mode for increased accuracy.<br><br><br>Specifications<br><br>Specifications<br><br>Manufacturer:<br><br>Tech International<br><br>Manufacturer Product No.:<br><br>CELLSENSOR<br><br>UPC:<br><br>656181111112<br><br>Dimensions:<br><br>5 1/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/8"<br><br>Power:<br><br>9-volt battery<br><br>RF Radiation Measurement:<br><br>Measured in two scales: 0-1 and 0-10 mW/cm2<br><br>ELF Field Measurement:<br><br>Measured in two scales: 0-5 and 0-50 milliGauss<br><br>Approvals:<br><br>CE registered<br><br>Warranty:<br><br>30 days, limited<br><br><br>Learn to Detect and Measure:<br><br> * Cellular Phone RF Radiation<br> * Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Power Lines, Computer Monitors, TVs,<br> * Appliances, Home Wiring, and Other Unsuspected Sources. <br><br>Also Features:<br><br> * Ease-of-Use<br> * Web Support<br> * Free Booklet on RF/ELF Issues Included<br> * Includes Guides on How to Reduce Your Exposure<br><br>Features Sound and Visual Signals Combined with Analog Measurement<br><br> * Audio signal with volume control<br> * Light signal<br> * ISO 9001 controlled manufacturing<br> * Comprehensive documentation backed by web support<br> * Competitively priced<br> * Rugged ABS plastic construction, high quality components<br> * CE registered<br> * Requires one 9-volt alkaline battery [DURACELL]<br><br>


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