Are you Tired of Paying High Prices for your Hair? Let me Teach you How to Do your Own!

Published 28-06-11


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<P>I am a Experienced Braid Artist. I Specialize in Natural Hair and a Variety of Twist; Kinky Twist, 2 Strand Twist,<BR>Nubian Twist: Braids &amp; so much more!! I am Located in <SPAN id=IL_AD2 class=IL_AD>Kennesaw</SPAN> Ga. I want to share with you my Talent's God<BR>has Blessed me with! Have you been wanting to Learn How to Braid, Twist or Weaving Hair or just need <SPAN id=IL_AD6 class=IL_AD>a new Career</SPAN>?<BR>If so you have found the Right Website!<BR>I have <SPAN id=IL_AD10 class=IL_AD>added</SPAN> Hair Braiding Training Lessons to my many Other Hair <A class=wikilinks rel="nofollow" href="" rel=nofollow><FONT color=#505050>Services</FONT></A> I provide. My Training Lessons are very Affordable!<BR>The cost is $40 Per Lesson.<BR>I will <SPAN id=IL_AD1 class=IL_AD>teach</SPAN> you how to Braid like a Professional in no time! Doing Braids may be time consuming but it is well worth the Wait!<BR>Some Braided styles can last up to 3 months with proper care &amp; maintenance! Another benefit of Learning <SPAN id=IL_AD9 class=IL_AD>how to Braid hair</SPAN> is you<BR>can earn lots of extra <SPAN id=IL_AD3 class=IL_AD>money</SPAN> by just doing a hobby you Love! You can also Show your new Skills to all of your Family &amp; Friends.<BR>So if you are tired of Sitting in Salons spending a whole lot of Money or you just want to Learn How to Braid your <SPAN id=IL_AD7 class=IL_AD>Childs</SPAN> hair;<BR>You should try my Hair Braiding Lessons they are very Affordable &amp; Fun, you will be so Glad you did!!<BR>I offer Weekends,Weekdays &amp; Evening Training to fit Everybody's busy Schedule. I can also come to your Home and Train you:<BR>For a Extra <SPAN id=IL_AD5 class=IL_AD>Gas</SPAN> charge of $25 and up it depends on your Location. Your One on one Training will be Provided in my home.<BR>I live in a very nice area and I will provided you with excellent training without interruptions!<BR>Please Visit <SPAN id=IL_AD11 class=IL_AD>my Website</SPAN> for more Info:<BR>***You can Also Visit my Other Websites for all your <SPAN id=IL_AD4 class=IL_AD>hair care</SPAN> Needs: </P>
<P>Please Take Care &amp; Be Blessed!!</P>[youtube=;feature=channel_video_title]


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