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Art - Solitude Old Tree Picture (11) - $75
Look at the rhythm and soul of this tree, the artist did an excellent job illustrating the spirit and the age of the tree. It is an exploration of shapes, lines and segments. In this painting, the artist is enchanted by the magic of life; the sun glowing behind a solitary tree, entrenched and holding on to life
The shadowy interplay of the branches and leaves, and the shapes and forms created by trunks and limbs are lovely portrayal of lives challenges. If you are a tree lover, you will love this piece of art and it will enhance your collection and people will marvel at its magnificence.
* Size: 28” x 23”
* With gold metal frame
* Transart Industries
* 100 Transart Parkway
* Woodstock, Georgia 30188
* Number of pieces: 7- 587
* Inspected by: JH
For more information please contact me either by phone or email:
George - - -
480-231-1840 or gts.consult@yahoo.com

Phoenix, AZ USA

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