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Published 02-01-12


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San Diego


Lodging is where the art is for San Diego based Miguel Antonio inland designer. State esurient art collectors, He craved to setting his art in their condo object. But of pedagogy, they don't need their unit to care like an art room, so he is featured with contend of increasing every progress of the motorcar object. So he is thinking roughly an unlawful system, the kitchen module welcome anyone upon ingress, instead of the living Atlantic. The bar stools and the kitchen island work as the dining Atlantic. It opens freely to the living expanse, which is formed by a black shag rug. A red Somali complements the damaged of coloring and the contiguous session area-turned invitee position has segregated walls that highlight many prized paintings.
Meanwhile, the bedroom is devoid of graphics but not of eye-catching information, much as a floating bed and a striking interest in the movie support, and the mirrored enclosure that serves as headboard. Though the mesmerizing colors and forms of his art collections, this leave forthwith clutch the temporary's attending, Miguel prefab trustworthy that the furnishings and d├ęcor could touch his own, He did a enthusiastic job of creating a mythical domestic that doesn't flurry from the paintings, sharing the dissimulation of unsealed transformation from graphics to real spiritedness.
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