Artificial Gold Plated Jewels Bangalore.

Artificial Gold Plated Jewels Bangalore.
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Published 30-12-11


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We are Manufacturer of Gold Plated Jewels with 6 Months Guarantee. We are exporting to foreign countries. Our Products are Micro Gold plated Jewels, Which is very rare in India But we are one of them doing Micro Plated.

Our Products Specialty is all our products with stones are Original quality and its all Stones all locked system like Gold. We are manufacturing All types are Necklaces, Ear Rings, Bracelets (male & Female), Antique Etc., Based on bulk orders we will Make Jewels as per your Requirements.

Our Products Ranges Starts From Rs.100 and up to Rs.12500. All our Products are Guaranteed and High Quality Products.

Kindly provide me your address If you are in Bangalore. I can come and show you all the products. If you are out of Bangalore kindly reply me I will send you the sample photos of our products. OR Call Me any time To the Bellow Mobile No


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