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<SPAN class=gphoto-photocaption-caption><STRONG>Asian Gold Leaves - Wire Tree Sculpture <BR></STRONG>15" H X 9"W X 9"D. Created by using 22, 24 &amp; 26 gauge gold color wire. The end of each wire is hammered flat producing a delicate flat gold leaf. The bending and twisting roots cling to a mound of rocks and pebbles and all is bonded in sea sand. The sea sand mixture is painted in several coats of yellow, green and white India ink. The color and texture of the surface of the mound gives the feel and appearance of moss covered earth. The sculpture sits in a multi-colo<WBR>red glossy ceramic pot. All the colors used for this sculpture are "light fast" and will not fade. <BR>#23-07 $ 435.00 <BR><BR></SPAN><BR>

Milford, Ohio

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