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Contact Vishnu @ mobile 0-9440871940. email -<BR><BR><BR>BITSAT Test Runner CD-Rom<BR><BR><BR>Powerful Performance Analysis<BR><BR>Unlimited Model Tests and Practical Tests<BR><BR>Test Review + Graphical Analysis<BR><BR>Strong and Weak Area Analysis<BR><BR><BR>Overview <BR>BITSAT TestRunner is the first CD available in the country ever since BITSAT has gone online in 2005. New version launched now.<BR>BITSAT TestRunner is the best available CD in the country and made many students successful and get admission into BITS<BR>This will give an idea of how a computer based test is going to be<BR>Use this CD and no need of internet connection<BR>26000+ questions available for practice at a price which is less than a book with best analytical reports for preparation.<BR>BITSAT TestRunner™ simulates the BITSAT model test for practice.<BR>This has about 26000 questions in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and Logical ability.<BR>BITSAT TestRunner™ gives performance analysis of the test taken which will help user strategize the preparation to achieve success.<BR>BITSAT TestRunner™ helps the user to review the test taken in many ways.<BR><BR>BITSAT TestRunner™ Features<BR>Model test<BR>Practice test<BR>Weak area test<BR>Report <BR>Graphical Analysis<BR>WeakArea Analysis<BR>Time Analysis<BR><BR><BR>Model test benefits<BR>This is a simulated test with questions from all the subjects<BR>There is an option to take model test subject wise also<BR>Benefit is user gets to know the weak areas of preparation immediately after the test<BR>Weak areas are displayed automatically after the test by comparing the score in each chapter with average score in the test<BR><BR>Practice test benefits<BR>User can take a test as per the need<BR>Test can be subject wise or chapter wise<BR>Number of questions and time is fixed by the user<BR>Benefit is user can take a test in the chapter as soon as the preparation on that chapter is completed<BR>Identify strong and weak areas to strategize the preparation <BR><BR>Weak area test<BR>User can take a test in the identified weak areas subject wise or chapter wise<BR>Benefit is user need not search for the weak areas and take a test in them, software remembers it for the user<BR>Identify the weak areas and improve on them<BR>Consolidation of strengths and improving the weak areas is the success mantra<BR><BR>Reports<BR>User can revisit the test by reviewing wrong answered questions, un-attempted questions and questions where the time spent is more than expected time<BR>Graphical reports show the strong areas, weak areas <BR>Graphically analyze how is the improvement attempt wise 7Steps for Success in BITSAT using TestRunner™ <BR>  1.Take a model test<BR> 2.Identify the strong and weak areas<BR> 3.Prepare well in weak areas <BR> 4.Take a test in the weak areas subject wise and chapter wise<BR> 5.Take practice test for subjects prepared<BR> 6.Repeat again from model test and see the improvement<BR> 7.Do this process as many times as possible<BR> <BR><BR><BR>System requirements -<BR><BR>Intel Pentium with 64 MB RAM Colour Monitor, 256 Colours Display, 800 X 600 resolution, 400 MB Hard Disk Space, Windows 2000 and above with Multimedia Kit.<BR><BR><BR>Rs.399 only. Ready Stock. <BR><BR>Same day shipping to all over India.<BR><BR>


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