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Beaded Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villano

13"wide x 16"high x 13" deep. The tree is made of 18 & 26 gauge silver colored steel wire. The branches and twigs contain hundreds of multi-colored tiny glass fringe beads. Each bead is interwoven with the wire giving the structure of the tree a more natural look. The tree, and a very interesting piece of driftwood, are mounted on various size and shaped pieces of blue stained glass. All is bound together in sand and pebbles. The sand is painted using India ink to look like moss. The overall piece has the feel of a tropical island set in the center of a deep blue ocean. When the sculpture is displayed in direct sunlight or very bright lights, the piece is ablaze with reflective color.
# 10-07 $ 1,650.00

Milford, Ohio

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