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Published 30-05-10


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The Ormita Commerce Network operates a non-cash trade platform spanning 56 countries with direct operations across Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.<BR><BR>We help businesses engage in counter-trade, barter exchange, non-cash trade, debt for equity swaps, cashless (barter) investments in ways which are designed to improve their profitability, reduce their existing cash costs and eliminate debt.<BR><BR>Come and talk to us if you have spare time or capacity and are looking at creative ways to reduce your existing cash costs or increase your turn-over.<BR><BR>The GATT estimates that 30% of the world’s total business [including large corporate and governmental] is conducted through non-cash trade. If you would like to find out more please search the internet for Ormita or the Ormita Commerce Network.<BR><BR>There are also opportunities for those looking to own and/or operate their own barter exchange franchise or barter exchange license business. Complete training, software, systems and on-site implementation are provided.<BR><P><BR></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P>Contact: Raghu Raj<BR>Website: Visit Website<BR><BR></P>


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