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Published 09-06-11


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Pythagoras lived in Greece.<br><br>He was a genius.<br><br>Like Einstein, pythagorean ideas are special things.<br><br>Like Einstein, Pythagoras work hard to the best results. <br><br>Numbers are the soul about all things. Each thing belong to a specific niumber.<br><br>Think about that: one number for each thing.<br><br>At these point we must believe that real pythagorean numbers are not simple numerolo9gy numbers.<br><br>We have more than 11 possibilities to "classify" the whole thing.<br><br>With master wisdom, we rebuuild the real pythagorean .arguments. We are working with infinity possibilities.<br><br>Our focus: the social behavior.<br><br>After more than 1 million analisys examples... and over 30 years hard work, we have a system. We call it "Greek Qabbalah", the secret pythagorean numbers relationship.<br><br>What we can see:<br><br>The phonetic relation<br>Growing conditions<br>Stagnate relations<br>Lost connections<br>Domain map<br><br>All we communicate has a number. Each word, each name, is able to promote some idea, or, to absorb another.<br><br>Some names will use their power to create new opportunities.<br>Some will destroy all...inclusive themselves<br><br>When you need numeroogy, you must know... there are real best options, we work for them.<br><br>Works for Leadership - Personal<br>Works for Business- from Start Ups to Forbes Index<br><br>Contact us, we deliver Success...<br><br>(sorry... only Brazilian Portuguese language sites... at the moment)<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>contatct us, we speak English<br>[youtube=]


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