Bird Nest No. 7 - Wall Art Sculpture

Published 26-08-11


Location: Home Location
Milford, Ohio


<P><SPAN class=gphoto-photocaption-caption><STRONG><EM>Bird Nest No. 7 - Wall Art Sculpture </EM></STRONG></SPAN></P>
<P><SPAN class=gphoto-photocaption-caption>6" H x 6" W x 5"D. Branches and twigs are made of 18 and 26 Gauge silver and gold color wire. The ends of the twigs are hammered flat to create leaves which are painted several tones of yellow and green using enamel paint. The nest is made of different types and gauges of wire. The center of the nest contains an "egg" cultured pearl that is wired into the nest. The piece is planted into 5" oval solid wood base using a bonding agent mixed with sea sand and small pebbles. The sea sand and pebbles are painted in yellows and greens using India ink, which will not fade and gives the appearance of moss covered earth. The back of the base has a saw tooth self leveling hanger for easy wall hanging. #81-09 $95.00 <BR><BR>See all my Tree Sculpture on my website: <A rel="nofollow" href=";usd=2&amp;usg=AFQjCNEmAqkWYpRZ4Qld5TVx4AmDjLGp7A"><U><FONT color=#3964c2>http://www<WBR>.salvillan<WBR></FONT></U></A></SPAN><BR></P>


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