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<P><BR>Importer selling black tourmalina crystals,very good quality with silver mica,sizes about 100 g- 2 kg per specimen.</P>
<P>Origin :India</P>
<P>The semiprecious stone with the most powerful protection against radiation from computers,mobile phones,antennas on rooftops,any household appliances,against witchcraft ,bad thoughts,envy,at home and at work.</P>
<P>Deliver all Europe,price of freight and any taxes in a specific country, paid by the buyer.</P>
<P>Minimum order quantity: 1 kg.</P>
<P><STRONG>Price FOB : 25 euro per kg.</STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>Price FOB for 25 kg :475 euro ( only 19 euro per kg)</STRONG></P>
<P>Any queries do not hesitate.</P>


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