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Published 20-09-12


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<P><BR>Are you sentimental and value traditions? Are you a bride who loves vintage <B>wedding</B> gowns and wants to capture the romance and beauty of an earlier age? Well you are in luck. Vintage <B><A rel="nofollow" href=""><U><FONT color=#0000ff>wedding dress</FONT></U></A></B> are in and very popular with many brides. <BR><BR>As you begin your search for that perfect vintage bridal gown, educate yourself so you will not become a victim. Believe it or not there are actually people who might try to cheat you. Know what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Remember to shop around. Ask questions. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s O.K. to walk away. <BR><BR>Beware of online vintage shops without written details about a <B><A rel="nofollow" href=""><U><FONT color=#0000ff>Dresses</FONT></U></A></B>. Or indicate the <A rel="nofollow" href=""><U><FONT color=#0000ff>bridal gowns</FONT></U></A> is in mint condition, but with a list of many things wrong with it. Buying a vintage gown isn’t as scary as it sounds if you have educated yourself and use the following tips below. <BR><BR>How much do I want to spend? Knowing your budget will help you from falling into the trap of falling in love with the unattainable.<BR><BR>Know what style you’re looking for. Look for styles that flatter your figure or show off your own personality. If you find a <B>dress</B> you like, but don’t love, consider removing the sleeves or shortening it. Take up the hem line or change the neckline. Don’t be afraid to modify a vintage <B>dress</B> to make it your own.<BR><BR>Check family attics first. You might want to check with your mother, grandmother, and relatives or close friend. Many women treasure their <B>wedding</B> gowns and have preserved them just for this purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask around. <BR><BR>Know the condition of the <B>dress</B> before buying or borrowing Depending on the age of the gown it could be too fragile to wear. Check the stress points of the <B>wedding</B> gown. These are under the arms, shoulder seams, zippers, waist line seams, and buttons. <BR><BR>Avoid buying gowns with stains. Beware of buying a <B>wedding dress</B> with stains. It could cost you a lot to have them removed and could change the appearance of the bridal <B>dress</B>. <BR><BR>Delicately try on the <B>dress</B>. Vintage gowns need to be treated with great care. Vintage <A rel="nofollow" href=""><U><FONT color=#0000ff>bridal</FONT></U></A> sizes are not the same as today. You will want to be careful not to damage the <A rel="nofollow" href=""><B><U><FONT color=#0000ff>wedding dress</FONT></U></B></A> while trying it on. Vintage <B>dresses</B> seem to run in smaller sizes mainly because brides were married at a younger age. If you are a larger bride you might want to consider having a replica <B>dress</B> custom made.<BR><BR>Know where to buy. Not knowing where to look and what to look for can be very discouraging and disappointing. You can find vintage gowns at many different places: thrift shops, yard sales, antique stores, consignment shops, on-line shops and even on e-bay.<BR><BR>Make a list of all the questions you would want to ask the seller and don’t be afraid to ask them. Any reputable seller will not mind. Make sure the seller offers a written description of the <A rel="nofollow" href=""><U><FONT color=#0000ff>bridal</FONT></U></A> if you find it on-line. Pictures alone cannot give enough description about a <B>dress</B>. <BR> </P>


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