CANAANS Virtual office (Bangalore)

CANAANS Virtual office (Bangalore)
Price $3,000.00
Published 23-08-13


Location: Home Location


CANAANS Virtual office (Bangalore) is an all encompassing label, essentially describing services which provide businesses with a mixture of off-site live communication solutions and/or address and postal services. It therefore allows businesses to carry out day-to-day requirements without any physical presence
Virtual offices are an affordable and convenient alternative to renting out dedicated office space and employing a staff of office workers and provide small business owners all of the benefits of a fully staffed office without the cost. Our professional, friendly and dedicated team will assist you with all your business needs.
A Virtual Office is ideal for those who:
• Have a start-up company
• Operate a home office
• Do not require a permanent work address or physical office space
• Operate from interstate / overseas
• Travel frequently
Your Canaans Virtual office will provide you with:
Business Address
• A prestigious business address which alleviates the privacy and personal security concerns of running a home-based business.
• The professional address can be used for accepting, sending & forwarding mail, e-mail and faxes according to your instructions.
• At the business address we can receive and sign for incoming deliveries, packages and provide document drop-off/pick-up services.
• A local business telephone number which will be answered by a multi-lingual receptionist. All calls will be transferred as you instruct us or placed into your business voice mail.
• A fax machine
Meeting Room
• As an alternative to the distractions of working in a home office, business lounge is available on an occasional or “drop-in” basis, with a high speed internet connection.
• Access to business conference rooms


Help & Support

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