COIN – 1948 Israel Liberated Commemorative Bronze Medal (#129 – CC23) - $75

Published 15-02-12


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COIN – 1948 Israel Liberated Commemorative Bronze Medal (#129 – CC23) - $75 - - - - -

Attention collectors, coin buffs & enthusiasts!!! - - - -

This is a very unique and interesting modern medal, rich with history, depicting Israel’s liberation in 1948. IGCMC (Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre) reissued a medal in 1958 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel.- - - - -

Since the time of the Jewish rebellion, which erupted in 66 CE (Common Era, in the year of the Lord, a non-Christian culture), they have gone through hundreds of years of tribulation and suffering. This medal represents the anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel.
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What a great commemorative medal for that special collector. It makes a great gift too.- - - - -

* Year: 1948 indicated on the coin, but was struck in 1958
* Alloy - Material: Bronze
* Coin Grade: Mint, Excellent
* Size: 2 3/8” across
* Thickness: 1/8”
* Weight: 95g
- - - - -

Obverse (front):
In the center it depicts a Roman soldier standing and leaning on a spear, with his left foot on helmet and a Hebrew woman seated with chains possibly reading scriptures. Around the inside of the coin it reads “IVDAEA” on the left side, “CAPTA” on the right with SC on the bottom. The words IVDAEA CAPTA mean Judaea captured by the Romans.
On the bottom outside of the coin “JUDAEA CAPTIVE 70 CE”, as well as Hebrew writings "גלתה יהודה תת"ל" meaning "The Exile of Judah will start".
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The picture in the center, a palm tree, the symbol of Judaea, next to a male or female Jewish prisoner, represents an old victory coin issued by the Romans depicting “Judaea Capta”.
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Reverse (back):
A woman holding up a child under a palm tree on the left and a man planting a tree on the right.
- - - -
On top side are Hebrew writings "עשור לחרות ישראל תשי''ח" (Asor L'Ḥerut Yisrael, Taf-Shiin-Yud-Ḥet) meaning "One decade for the freedom of Israel", followed by the date of the Jewish calendar using Hebrew letters, 5718, translated into Christian year is 1958. On the bottom of the coin is written “ISRAEL LIBERATED 1948”.
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