COIN - Bronze Medallion with "The Circle of Life" under a Pyramid (#109-CC2) $30

Published 15-02-12


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COIN - Bronze Medallion with "The Circle of Life" under a Pyramid (#109-CC2) $30
Attention investors, collectors, coin buffs & enthusiasts!!!
This is a “One Of a Kind” unique Bronze medallion with the words “The Circle of Life” under a pyramid with “KHAIB” and “ZOHAR” on the obverse (front) side. On the reverse (back) of the coin is the Sun Signs – the Zodiac Astrology & Horoscope.
Definition of KHAIB & ZOHAR:
The Egyptian name for the shadow, which at death was supposed to quit the body to continue a separate existence of its own. It was represented under the form of a sunshade.
And. . . . .
The Zohar contains all the spiritual states that people experience as their souls evolve. At the end of the process, the souls achieve what Kabbalah refers to as “the end of correction,” the highest level of spiritual wholeness.
On the back of the coin are the zodiac signs or astrology signs, which refer to the same thing. A series of 12 constellations of stars that the Sun, the Moon, and the planets pass through as they orbit (or appear to orbit) around the Earth. The term zodiac comes from the Greek word, zodiakos, which means circle of animals, and today animals continue to symbolize most of the 12 zodiac signs.
* Year: ~ 1950
* Material: Brass
* Coin Grade: Excellent
* Size: 1 9/16” across
* Weight: 26.1g

• The Circle of Life
• KHAIB & ZOHAR above a pyramid
• Sun Signs in the Zodiac Astrology & Horoscope
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