COIN –1937 US Buffalo nickel token/charm(#126 – CC16-1) - $5.00

Published 15-02-12


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COIN –1937 US Buffalo nickel token/charm(#126 – CC16-1) - $5.00 - - - -

Attention collectors, coin buffs & enthusiasts!!!

You are looking at a 1937 US Buffalo Head charm or token with a hole. The original buffalo nickel has the same markings and looks, but this is a little bit larger in size. This can be used as a lucky-charm or on a key chain. In any case it looks cool and it’s unique.
The nickel has a picture of a Native American Chief on the front, and a buffalo on the back.
* Year: 1937 on the coin, but the charm itself is about 25 years old
* Alloy - Material: Aluminum
* Coin Grade: Good
* Size: 1 3/6” across
* Thickness: 1/8”
* Weight: 12.1g

Obverse (front):
Native American Chief with “LIBERTY” on top right and the date “1937” bottom left.
Reverse (back):
A picture of a buffalo with the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on top and “FIVE CENTS” on bottom.
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