CREATING Gem, Beaded, & Bonsai WIRE TREES

Published 11-04-13


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CREATING Gem, Beaded, & Bonsai WIRE TREES - by Sal Villano
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This DOWNLOAD PDF Ebook is the result of more than three years of work. My inspiration for writing my third book on the subject of creating wire trees and other pieces using wire, came to me while showing my work at many art and craft shows, and in art galleries. Interested people would ask me how I got started, and, some people, who were really interested in my work, said I should write a book showing how I create my tree sculpture. I have taken great care in creating this third book, not only adding many more different types of sculpture, but also adding many extras I think the reader will find very helpful. I not only explain and illustrate for you, how to create each piece, I also show or explain how to use a basic item to create many more variations of each item. 138 pages, 8.5” X 11” with over 400 photos and illustrations.
This book includes all the tree sculpture from my third edition book "How to Create Beaded & Wire Tree Sculpture", and most of the pieces shown on my website. Plus, based on my over 30 years of creating and showing my work, I have added many pages I have called ”Extras”. These extras will help you with many different topics, such as: Photography, Pricing and Shipping your work, Accepting commissions, Art and craft shows, Consigning your work, and many more.

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