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Published 24-06-12


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Masala Entertainment manage and coordinate with Bollywood celebrities to make them available for the client’s event, brand endorsement, inauguration, product launch, corporate shows, brand promotion, fashion shows and award functions.

Masala Entertainment manage / source / execute and coordinate the best expertise in the field of Events, Entertainment, Exhibitions, Promotions, Performance, Artist and Celebrities endorsement and performance. We believe in executing any events with an amazing degree of style and pizzazz. We deliver high quality work on time as per client’s expectation.

If you have any requirement of any artist or celebrities from Bollywood or Hollywood, just let us know. We will bring the best to you in your budget.

To book any Bollywood Celebrity for your event, please contact us.

Masala Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
M: +91-9311551305 | Ph: +91-11-31908855
Email: masala@masalalifestyle.com
Websites: www.masalafilms.in | www.masalalifestyle.com


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