Challenge COIN – Federal Savings and Loan Corporation(#123 – CC18) - $10

Published 15-02-12


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Challenge COIN – Federal Savings and Loan Corporation(#123 – CC18) - $10
Attention collectors, coin buffs & enthusiasts!!!
You are looking at a beautiful rare challenge coin of Federal Savings and Loan Corporation issued sometime in the mid 1980’s. Check-out the quality detailed design and unique blend of art on this coin. These coins are a GREAT way to show your pride, to remember an event, to promote your business, or to simply tell someone "Job well done!" Challenge Coins can tell a story, about where someone was at a particular moment in time and it is a symbol of achievement and gratification.
Some challenge coins are sold to raise funds and others mark a milestone with a commemorative coin made for each success.
Challenge Coins make for great gifts for any collection. This coin is unique, rare and one-of-a-kind.
* Year: ~1980
* Alloy - Material: Nickel plated non-magnetic metal
* Coin Grade: Excellent
* Size: 1 ¾” across
* Thickness: 1/8”
* Weight: 56.1g

Obverse (front):
Two mirrored bearded faces (possibly Jesus Christ) in a shield setting with “FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN CORPORATION” around the perimeter of the coin.
Reverse (back):
A harp with a sword going through it in a shield setting with a crown on top. The writings indicate “SECURITY CAPITAL CORPORATION LIMITED” on the perimeter of the coin.
Note: The Harp & Sword signifies a lyric of an old song from “The Minstrel Boy” an Irish patriot who was killed during the Irish Rebellion of 1798. ”Land of song say, the Warrior Bards Through all the world betrays thee. One sword, at least, Thy Right Shall Guard, and one faithful harp shall praise Thee”.
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