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Search engine marketing is changing day by day. The change is very fast and dramatic. Everybody is noticing this. But the million dolor question is why is it changing? The main reason is competition. Yes, the rising competition is a big reason for this change. The trends have entirely changed. Earlier, SEO were not so advanced so they were just using simple algorithms and repetition of words for search. Now everything has changed, technology has improved and search engine marketing is no exception. You have to keep an eye on your competitor so that you always do better than your competitor. It’s all about defeating your competitor.<br><br>As we all know keywords are the most important part or we can say the key factor in search engine marketing but if you want long term profit and success in marketing then you should give preference to quality back links. These back links along with right keywords will help you to succeed. You need to draw the traffic towards your website if you truly want to succeed and search engines help you in doing that. There are two main things involved in search engine that we should remember, first is frequency and the second one is regularity. These two are important to remember because you should provide your audience something that they can use regularly. A delhi based website related to search engine optimization should use Search engine optimization company delhi or SEO Company Delhi as its keywords.<br><br>Contact us at:<br><br>Mail: contact@addictivemedia.co.in<br><br>Call: +91 9899896296<br><br>Website: www.addictivemedia.co.in<br><br>Local Listing : http://maps.google.co.in/maps/place?cid=2775512732490696989&amp;hl=en&amp;gl=in<br><br>Facebook: www.facebook.com/addictivemedia<br><br>Twitter: www.twitter.com/addictives<br><br>Skpe – addictivemedia001<br><br>Gtalk – addictivemedia001@gmail.com<br><br>

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