Cheap beachfront properties Italy

Price $80,000.00
Published 27-06-11


Location: Home Location


Apartments from as low as Euro €80,000<br><br>A small development a short walk from the beach, 40 minutes away from Crotone airport, set amongst the famous Ciro vines, the development sits along the edge of an existing touristic village with all amenities on site with private access down to the beach.<br><br>On site there is a nightclub, bars and restaurants, swimming pools, picnic areas surrounded by pine trees. A wine cantina is also part of the property that the site is built on and residents are encouraged to involve themselves with the harvest of the grapes each year- a great way to immerse themselves in the local culture.<br>Apartments majority have excellent sea views and the finishes are of a high standard with natural wood, locally sourced tiles and double glazed windows. All in all, an excellent opportunity to own an existing, already built product very close to the beach unhindered by motorways, railways, or busy local roads. Access to the beach is literally down a private path and boasts of sea views! <br>30 apartments already sold and only a few more remain. Please see &lt;a rel="nofollow" href=""&gt;properties calabria&lt;/a&gt; or PropertiesCalabriadotCom for more information.<br>


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