Cheap house for sale near Lake Balaton with good conditions in Hungary!

Published 31-12-12


Location: Home Location
Ukk, Hungary


There is some data about my property:

The self-contained house with land, garage and outbuildings/steadings 8 kilometers far from Sumeg, 30 km far from Lake Balaton, located in the village of Ukk, near the main road number 84.

The land of property is 1252 square meters, the house is approximately 82 square meters. Property is within the border of the village. The previous owner of the house renovated the house inside, the the internal changes of the building were made in 2003. In doing so, the previous owner changed the kitchen for room, which you can be formed back if you need. So in the building there are 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 chambers (usable for wardrobe) and 1 entrance-hall. Gas, electricity and water connected to the network/grid. The heater is gas convector in the house. There are laminated wood flooring in 2 rooms and there is floor carpet in the third room. The floor of the entrance-hall, the bathrooms and the chambers are covered with tiles, the walls injthe bathrooms and chambers are covered with tiles, too. This property is excellent for living in it and for vacation and to rent, too.

Internet, landline phone, TV possible.

There are garage and outbuildings/steadings in the yard (approximately 70 square meters, suitable for livestock).

On the property there are richly growing fruit trees, which grow very tasty fruits. There are apricot trees, mulberry tree, pear trees, apple trees, quince tree, sour cherry tree, greengage trees, thuja, ornamental trees and boxwoods, rose-hip bushes, elderberry trees.

Bus stop is near the house.

There are a grocery store, a doctor, a kindergarten, a primary school, a mayor’s office, a district notary, libraries, church, club, car service station, restaurant, bus stops, train station in Ukk. In addition, every weekday goes to the houses the mobile post office and the "Better Bread" company’s car with basic foods. Every Sunday Family Frost company’s car goes to the houses sell frozen products and ice-creams.

There are a lot of thermal bath/spa near Ukk (Borgata, Sarvar, Heviz, Kehidakustany, Zalakaros).
There is a hunting oppurtunity near Ukk, too.
There is a fishing opportunities near Ukk, too.

There are located park with lake and gas station 3 kilometers far from Ukk near Zalagyomoro and fishing lakes about 7 kilometers from Ukk. Sumeg is located 8 kilometers from Ukk with a lot of attractions (Sumeg Castle, Bishop's Palace, Pottery Museum, Castle and Wine Museum, Castle’s stable, churches, nature reserves, "caveman mine" exhibition), horse and carriage rides, Community Centre, Library, Restaurants , restaurans, pastry shops, pizzerias, bars, hunting, beauty salon, hair salon, spa. Doctors, nursery, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, health and social institutions. Some stores (Tesco, Spar, Coop), Florian business center, bakeries, Rossmann. In the neighbourhood of Ukk have many natural and man-made attractions, tours and vacation possibilities: lake Balaton, Somlo hill, Sumeg, Tapolca, Herend, Heviz, Keszthely, Badacsony, Tihany, Borgáta, Kehidakustany, Veszprem, Sarvar, Zalakaros Zalaegerszeg!

The property is about 210 km far from the Budapest airport. The biggest hungarian airport is in the capital city of Hungary, in Budapest. Other hungarian airports near Ukk: in Gyor about 90-100 km from Ukk, in Sarmellek, about 40-45 km from Ukk, in Pecs, about 190-200 km from Ukk.
There is near Ukk the Austrian capital city of Vienna which is 165 km far from Ukk and it has big airport.
I wrote the list of airports because I don't know where are you from.
Annual property taxes was this year 17000 forints (approx. Ł45-46), if the owner lives in the home what he or she owns than the property taxes are lower.
If you have any question or you would like to see the property then please, write me e-mail or call me! Thank you!
About the weather in Hungary: Lot of sunny days and only 60 rainy days in average in a year.
More photos here:
Price: €20650
Tamas Doba
Telephone: 0036-70/561-56-89


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