Chinese Scroll Paintings – Oriental Wall Scrolls (#195) $100

Published 13-02-12


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Chinese Scroll Paintings – Oriental Wall Scrolls (#195) $100 - - - -

Attention!!! 8 Chinese scroll paintings for an amazing price. - - - -

You are looking at a number of gorgeous Chinese scroll paintings which would add flair and elegance to any oriental décor. These hand-painted scrolls reflect several thousand years of Asian tradition and heritage. Hanging scrolls in your home, office or place of business can help bring harmony and comfort to your surroundings and remind you of the amazing beauty that can be found in the simplest of settings. - - - -

There are four bamboo scroll paintings and this style is best known for their ancient technique were the master artist used only a few colors of ink and handmade brushes to create and craft these masterpieces with the simplest strokes. The other four are made of silk and rice paper and have the same elegance and beauty. - - - -

These scrolls are used, and in very good condition and are ready to be hung on any wall. Chinese scroll paintings are very popular in the West because they can be hug on the wall with ease, not needing costly frames. - - - -

These Chinese scrolls new sell from $35 to $150 each, but you can have all eight for $50. These are from my father’s estate and won’t fit my decor. - - - -

• Number of Scrolls: 8
• Age: These are all over 30 years old
• Condition: Used, but are in very good condition
• Manufactured: All in China
• Your price: all eight for $75 - - -
For more information please contact me. - - - -
George - - -


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