Chinese Symbol of “Longevity” (#202) $15

Published 24-02-12


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Chinese Symbol of “Longevity” (#202) $15
Live long and prosper….the Chinese say it with one character!!!
Chinese people often glue this character 'Shou', which means 'longevity', to their front doors hoping that it will bring long life and prosperity.
Do you want to wish a relative, friend or a special someone a long and happy life? Well you can by giving them this beautiful solid brass Chinese character meaning “Longevity”. The Chinese are amazingly skilled at conveying deeper meanings to various symbols to represent circumstances or conditions for life, love, and feelings. This unique Chinese calligraphy character is very common in greetings, wish bringing’s and on keepsakes. Many homes in China and the Far-East keep this symbol as a blessing and an indication of strength and determination.
The “Longevity” character is also being embraced in many areas in the West and quite intriguing for many people in America. It is also a very traditional gift to others in China, specifically the elderly; therefore it can make an excellent gift for friends or family members and add elegant Oriental flair to your home. In addition this attractive display offers an ancient and rich cultural heritage of artwork for your home.
• Size: 7” x 9”
• Material: Brass
• Your price: $15
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