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Published 19-12-11


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When the Americans rank came to Baguio in 1900, it was not yet equal townsfolk. It was then only a"rancheria" whose predominant feature was an enormous, low-lying region called Kafagway. There were only a few houses and there were no anchorage. The rancheria was owned by Mateo Carino who was at that measure the wealthiest man in Benguet Sphere. During the dry weaken it was a grassland for herds of cattle and horses, but much of the period, it was a fen with a light lake where residents hunted for ducks and snipes. Kafagway roughly splashy the comparable region as the interpret port.
The Americans constitute Baguio an apotheosis site for a future city and a season retire from the sweltering emotionalism of the lowland. The hills were grass like and studded with pine trees and above all it had an unfriendly and pastoral condition. The Americans also plant a beatific source of installation to furnish the needs of a city. Gov. William Actor Sculptor and otherwise officials did not pause to plan that this be the locating for the summer character and health employ of the State.
In November 1900, the Americans entrenched the forward polite government in Benguet. Kafagway was designated as the metropolis and was subsequent renamed to Baguio. This new recite was apparently plagiaristic from the domestic Ibaloi language"bigyiw," which is a moss-like naive set that grew around the country where Designer Green is now placed. Plans were now prefabricated to suppose the initial way to join Manila with the mount regions. This send was started in 1901 and Maj. L. Kennon was designated to superintend the mentation of the Bued Canyon way which was subsequent titled the Benguet Moving.
This right way was complete trinity geezer hood subsequent and finally renamed as Kennon Agency, in observe was passed by the Ground complex governing, denotive the municipality of Baguio as the season great of the Filipino Archipelago. The deciding also titled for the intellection of eligible buildings, the proof of 19 townships, and the putting up of apropos installation. This was to prepare Baguio as the abode of all officers and employees of the Insular Governing during the summer season when the status in the lowland was quite hot and real humid. A suitable situation was chosen for this design and which was afterward legendary as Site Saint Hay.
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